Should Ticketbrokers change their Amex account to Amex OptBlue or OnePoint? Make sure you use verifyit!

If you are contacted by credit card processors telling you that you can save money with a lower Amex rate using Amex’s new programs OptBlue or OnePoint you need to first know the facts.
First let me start off by saying that I do have these options available for you if you choose that’s the way you want to go.However I strongly recommend that all ticketbrokers maintain their current independent American Express ESA Merchant Account.

The Facts

-Amex ESA means you have a direct account with Amex the other two products are bundled with your MC/Visa/Discover processing
-any credit card processor recommending these products doesn’t understand the ticketbroker industry. Your first red flag!
-with your current Amex ESA account any Amex chargebacks you receive are handled by Amex which sees both sides of the transaction. As you are probably aware that unlike MC/Visa disputes Amex almost always decides in favor of the merchant (you) if you properly document your reply.
-with OptBlue or OnePoint your Amex transactions are bundled in with your MC/Visa/Discover transactions so all chargebacks are handled by your MC/Visa/Discover processor instead of Amex.
-with your current Amex ESA you can use Amex’s great fraud tool where you can log on to and verify cardholders name, address, CVV and phone #. It’s You must have your Amex account setup online to use this tool and be logged in for it to appear. If you don’t have its easy to setup at

You can also call Amex  at 800-528-5200 and they will help you set it up in a few minutes.
-if you switch to OptBlue or OnePoint you will no longer have access to online Amex or verifyit

The advantages of OptBlue or OnePoint

-it is true lower rates are available. With OnePoint most often you will pay 2.89% which is still higher than what you pay now.
-with OptBlue you will have a slightly lower rate than your current rate and it will be batched along with your MC/Visa/Discover transactions so you’ll get your Amex dollars one day sooner than ESA. So a day sooner than now.

In my opinion Amex ESA is by far the way to stay. And you know I’m being honest because to be truthful OptBlue and OnePoint pay me a small residual while ESA does not.

Any questions feel free to give me a call at 847-381-3482 or email