To View picture click here creditcardchargeback2 Do you know this man! This is a warning to all merchants who accept credit cards. If you recognize this shyster, please message me or email me at This guy went into my merchant’s store and bought a lot of memorabilia and used a phony card to pay for the items. He is very clever and knows how to work a credit card terminal. He made up a story about how he always has to enter a PIN # before his debit card is swiped. He then took over the cc terminal and knew how to quickly press the proper keys to do a “forced sale” which basically means the terminal doesn’t ask for an approval because one has been manually entered so then when it is swiped it just prints out a receipt assuming the merchant has an authentic approval code. Also he apparently can make phony ID’s as the address on the driver’s license is phony as there is no 4413 on Essex in Vegas and if it was would be a different zip code. Thanks!